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Dave Miller, CFI

Congratulations are due to Mr. David Miller, who recently returned from the Perils Of Portland, freshly certificated as a Flight Instructor. (He tells us that wearing a tie makes things go more smoothly -- you heard it here first!).

All of us here at Air Direct Airways wish Dave well, as he begins his new job flight instructing in Bridgewater.

Well done, Dave!

-Ron & Ken & Doug & Tom & Mike & Bill


Two new Flight Instructors

Air Direct Airways Flight Academy has added two new Flight Instructors. Keith Webb who has been the Owner of the Nashua Pilot Shop and now instructs for Air Direct and John Hopfenspirger who recently graduated from Liberty University. Please welcome them both to our team.

Two new Private Pilots

On November 9th Air Direct Flight Academy graduated two new Private Pilots. Robert Bardani who has been instructed by Rich Williams/Glenn Bergeron. Daniel Veilleux has also attained his Private Pilot's license under the instruction of Dr. Peter Row. Congrats to both of our two new Private Pilots.

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