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Instrument PanelSix approaches, a hold, interception and tracking in six months and I’m good right? Well that is the reg. But am I really comfortable in the IFR environment?

ApproachThe Instrument Proficiency Check from Air Direct Airways starts out with a plan of action to shake the rust off your instrument flying and set goals and schedules for your personal minimums. Can I use all my resources available to me?  That new IPAD using Foreflight, can I put it to use. I just added a new GPS to my plane but need some help in effectively using it in instrument flight.

Making you at “home” in the IMC environment is just what an Instrument Proficiency Check from Air Direct Airways will accomplish. Give us a call at (603) 882-5606 to discuss your Instrument flying needs.


New Flight Instructor

On Saturday April 29th Air Direct Airways Flight Academy Welcomes a new CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) Robert Roland. When you see Robert please congratulate him. He will be a welcome addition to our professional staff of Instructors.

All August Checkride Success's

Air Direct Airways Flight Academy has had 4 successful checkrides and one successful Solo this month of August. Brian Coelho passed his Private Pilot Multi Engine exam. Harsha Venkatesh passed his Single Engine Private Pilot exam. Doug Place passed his Single Engine Pilot exam as well. J Camden smith III passed his CFI exam and Tim O'Neill has Solo'd towards his Private Pilot ticket. Congrats to all Pilots and their Instructors as well.

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