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Commercial Pilot

Want to make a career in Aviation?

A commercial pilot certificate will allow you to do so. Pilots have the option of receiving their commercial certificate in either our Cessna 172’s or our Beechcraft Duchess. Students can either enroll in our Part 141 commercial training course or for students with previous experience we offer a Part 61 option.

FAA approved Single Engine course:

  • 35-hour ground course
  • 71 hours of aircraft instruction
  • 105 hours in our Cessna 172
  • 15 hours in our Cessna 172 Retractable Gear
  • Includes all books, written test, checkride fee, and use of aircraft for checkride


Air Direct Airways Commercial Pilot Training


FAA approved Single and Multi-Engine Course:

  • 49-hour ground course
  • 71 hours of instruction
  • 95 hours in our Cessna 172
  • 10 hours in our Cessna 172 Retractable Gear
  • 15 hours in our Beechcraft Duchess Multi-Engine
  • Includes all books, written tests, checkride fee, and use of aircraft for checkride


All August Checkride Success's

Air Direct Airways Flight Academy has had 4 successful checkrides and one successful Solo this month of August. Brian Coelho passed his Private Pilot Multi Engine exam. Harsha Venkatesh passed his Single Engine Private Pilot exam. Doug Place passed his Single Engine Pilot exam as well. J Camden smith III passed his CFI exam and Tim O'Neill has Solo'd towards his Private Pilot ticket. Congrats to all Pilots and their Instructors as well.

Successful Multi Engine check ride

On Tuesday August 9th, Brian Coelho passed his check ride for his Private Pilot Multi Engine. His hard work in our Duchess has paid off. His next goal is his Instrument Multi Engine ticket. Congratulations to Doug Gale and the rest of our flight Instructors.,

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